Youth In Mission (YiM) is the longstanding mission option for young adults on the Canada/USA region offered by the Church of the Nazarene with over 4,000 alumni from 1964 to the present day. Having sent young adults to serve around the world and point people to Jesus makes YiM a great mission match for Tree City Church.

YiM’s relaunch in 2014 is a partnership between Nazarene Global Mission and USA/Canada Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and has mission options (from 1one week-one year in length) for older youth on through adulthood. Tree City Church has partnered with YiM in our mutual efforts to embrace our region (Judea) as a mission field. Tree City Church is committed to recruit, resource, and deploy young adults (all ages welcome) through the multiple opportunities specifically on the Canada/USA region:

Testimonies from summer Opportunities

McKaylee McMahan attended the Mission Training Camp, May 30-June 3, 2018 in Indianapolis to participate in this equipping experience that is a hybrid between church camp and a mission trip. She lent her skill as a photographer to gather promotion images for social media postings to invite older youth and other young adults to participate in the future. She had a couple of words to share with us:

“Mission training camp offered a weekend experience that has shaped me for the rest of my life. MTC is designed to prepare you as a missioner with YiM before your summer starts, to provide an example of what it should look like when you dive into the culture and community that God is already moving within. MTC helped me to recognize how God was already moving in me and within all the areas of my life, including the several small communities I’m already a part of. Even though we were in Indianapolis, all the small communities I’m apart of started revealing themselves and I started to recognize all the things God has already been working on, within my workplace, within a place I volunteer, and within the city I live in as a whole. It taught me when I’m experiencing and finding new communities and cultures I need to observe first, to recognize that God is already working, and find a way I can be a part of that mission with Christ. I’m thankful for my MTC experience.”

Callie Pugel is a full time teacher and fluent in Spanish! She is headed to Costa Rica to be a part of a volunteer support team June 27-July 14, 2018 through YiM with Encuentro. YiM has partnered with Encuentro as a Nazarene leader led initiative that hosts short-term mission trips for youth groups and districts in hispanic and latin countries and contexts. This partnership is strategic in offering youth group students and their leaders a next step post-high school for continuing their missional leadership development and lifestyle together. This is what she had to share:

“When we say "Yes" to God, expect the wildest adventure you've ever been on. God is faithful and has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people and experience his beauty in Latin America. This summer, I was able to travel with Tree City Church to Mexico and to Costa Rica through Youth in Mission. Working alongside the local church, we were able to work together to host health clinics, VBS, sport camps, and spread the love of Christ in each neighborhood that we worked in.



If you are interested in participating with YiM click or email with any questions.