wednesday classes


6:30 PM – 8:00 PM



June 14 - August 23 

The word "parable" simply means "to throw alongside." Parables taught lessons through the use of comparison. Jesus used parables and it might just be wise for us to ask ourselves within community; "How is the lesson in this story comparable to the way we are living?" Join us for some great coffee and conversation as we grapple with several parables and questions as a community of faith. Facilitators: Pastor Johnny & other guests from Tree City Church.

Summer on the Go Meals  

June 28 & July 12 

Come and enjoy a fun evening learning how to prepare a quick and easy Summer Meal! Facilitators: Danielle Whetstone & Melissa Mueller

Family Gatherings

June 21, July 19, & August 16 

Come and enjoy an evening eating, playing and just hanging out together with family and friends here at Tree City Church.