Each summer, we have a variety of camps to choose from.  Please note that early bird registration deadline is April 16.


Genesis Camp for Girls (1st-3rd grade)  June 11-13

Genesis Camp for Boys (1st-3rd grade)  June 13-15

Soaring high above the clouds,
Spreading God’s word all around.
Sharing the gospel both far and near.
Shout it aloud for the world to hear.
It’s up to us, we’ve heard His call.
ll aboard, one and all.
There are places to go, and faces to see,
Don’t miss your flight, camp is where you’ll want to be.

Cost:  early Bird (by Monday, April 16, 2018): $85 (camper)  /  $65 (parent)
Regular Cost: $110 (camper)  /  $90 (parent)


Senior High Camp (9th-12th grade)  June 18-22

Every day, we are presented with lots of choices, from what to eat for lunch to
life after high school, and our choices can be overwhelming. Sometimes connecting with God can feel just as difficult. This year at camp, we are going to look at how the Holy Spirit connects with each of us in both unique and ordinary ways. We will discover the freedom that God gives us in the adventure of seeking His will.

Join us at camp this summer for an amazing week filled with hilarious games, inspiring lessons, great competitions, and opportunities to connect with God in new and fresh ways!

Cost:  Early Bird (by Monday, April 16, 2018): $215
Regular: $240


Girls Camp (4th-6th grade)  June 25-29

Happy Llama, sad Llama, totally rad Llama, super Llama, Drama Llama... 

ctually, Save the Drama for your Llama!! Alpaca your bags because 4th-6th grade Girls Camp is going to be amazing! Come spend a week learning to deeply love God, love one another, and love His creation! Learn to card and spin wool, create your own weaving, make a meal over the fire, become an expert on the night sky, and care for REAL llamas! Looking for the best week of your whole summer? No probLlama!

Cost:  Early Bird (by Monday, April 16, 2018): $190
Regular: $215


Boys Camp (4th-6th grade)  July 9-13

Answer your call into the wild this summer at Trinity Pines! Camp Wild is going to be a week-long camp adventure where we explore God’s wild creation and learn about the wild love that Jesus has for us! We hope you learn that wherever you go, whoever you are up against, whatever situations you are in, when you have Jesus in your heart, nothing can separate you from His love! You were created to be wild for Jesus! Also, you won’t want to miss out on all the wild n’ crazy fun! We hope to see you in the wild! 

Cost:  Early Bird (by Monday, April 16, 2018): $190
Regular: $215


Junior High Camp (7th-8th grade)  July 16-20

The world we live in is full of chaos. It distracts us, it diverts our attention, it keeps us focused on ourselves. This chaos builds walls that keep us from becoming the young men and women that God is calling us to be. This summer, at Junior High Camp 2018, we will learn to control the chaos. Join us as we embark on a chaotic adventure, filled with wacky games and activities, excellent worship, and awesome lessons in how we can learn to control the chaos of our lives and focus on the ways of Jesus with greater clarity. Please join us in July for Jr. High Camp: Controlled Chaos!

Cost:  Early Bird (by Monday, April 16, 2018): $215
Regular: $240

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