please be in prayer for our Mission With Mexico partnership!

Our goal is simple: Point people to Jesus and inspire them to become a part of that mission. Partnering with our friends in Chiapas, Mexico is a tangible way for us to become a part of that mission. We are joining the work God is already doing!

Our Mission With Mexico is all about partnering with Nazarene churches on the South Mexico District in Chiapas, Mexico to share the love of Jesus within their communities. ]Mission With Mexico is heavily focused on building relationships with the churches there and helping them point people to Jesus in hands on ways through things like children's ministries, sports ministries, life skills training, Christian education, and property development for the purpose of worship gatherings and education. 


How Can I become a part of the mission with mexico?

Even if you are not a part of a traveling team, you can become a significant part of our Mission With Mexico through prayer and financial support.

  1. PRAY! Invite others to pray with you. Trust how God leads you!

  2. Give financially to support the mission. Your giving will provide scholarship funds for those who have stepped out in faith to become a part of a traveling team.

  3. Follow these instructions to give online:

    1. Click "Give Online"

    2. In the drop down menu under Fund, select "Tree City Church Mission Trip"

    3. Follow instructions to give your gift, THEN...

    4. Email naomi@treecitychurch.com letting her know the amount you gave and who to apply the gift to (or you may just give to the Mission Trip Fund as a scholarship).

    5. You can also give in person or mail your gift to: Tree City Church, 3852 N Eagle Rd, Boise, ID 83646. Please include the recipient's name or indicate if it is for scholarship.

We are praying for God's leading as we Mission With Mexico!

If you are unable to participate by going with a team to Mexico, please participate through prayer and financial support,


We are always in mission right here with the Valley.

check out other ways to become a part of the mission!