Tree City Church is passionate about pointing people to Jesus and inspiring them to become a part of that mission. We are taking seriously the call Jesus gives us in Acts 1:8 to "be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the end of the earth." What that means for us is to point people to Jesus right here in the Treasure Valley, in our country, in the margins of society, and in other world areas. 

Our church help can change the lives of millions across the street and around the world. The best way for us to make the greatest impact is to partner with other ministries and organizations in this mission. Tree City Church is proud to have several, on-going relationships with local and global ministries that enable us to fulfill our mission in ways we never could on our own. 

Check out the ways we are working to fulfill Jesus' call by clicking on the mission opportunities below and SEE how you can become a part of this mission! Check back often as we continue to develop and grow our mission partnerships.

"To the end of the earth..."

We are a part of the Church of the Nazarene who has over 700 missionaries in 160 world areas working to point people to Jesus and inspire them to become a part of that mission. Tree City Church is a "sending" church raising up leaders, equipping and supporting those who God has called from our church to give their lives serving in other world areas. Please be in prayer for our Tree City Church missionaries:

TODD & ANGELA MONROE, Church of the Nazarene, South Africa

JOSH & BRANDI WILLIAMS, Church of the Nazarene, Idaho

MONTE & BETHANY CYR, Church of the Nazarene, MesoAmerica

LINDA RUSSELL, Church of the Nazarene, Moscow, Russia

GEORGE & MICHELE MWANZA, LXP & Ithemba Church, South Africa

(unable to list names for safety issues), Refugee Ministries, Creative Access

ISRAEL & MARTHA ACOSTA, Church of the Nazarene, MesoAmerica

NAPOLEON & ALENA GUERRERO, Church of the Nazarene, Bolivia

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